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A Personal Note From Gregory

     Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am one among the multitude of souls that creates music and graphics labeled New Age, Ambient, World, or some other off-shoot descriptive title that's evolved over the past several years. Soul Catcher Publishing, the graphic designs, photography, art, and music are the products of my creative spirit and the need to express all that is beauty in the world... and sometimes, perhaps that which is off-world, or what I imagine that to be. I am not just the shopkeeper and webmaster, I am the musician, artist, photographer, graphic designer, and I suppose I wear a number of other hats.

     My philosophy is simple. At some point in our lives we usually need a little help through the matrix of life. We look for some sort of inner peace. Music and art are ways of guiding you to that inner place of peace. A melody, picture, work of art, an aroma..... they can trigger a stored memory from the database of time and suddenly life fills your cup with joy, sadness, happiness, blissfulness, tears.....whatever, but at least you feel something and you know you're alive. I have come to believe that's what music and art are suppose to do. Help you find that little space inside of yourself if you've forgotten where it is and what it's for, like a beacon in the night to guide you home. The universe itself is a magnificent creation and I personally stand in awe as I gaze at the night sky and feel a sense of inner peace.

     I hope you enjoy Soul Catcher Music and you find inspiration to fullfill your own destiny, and most of all, it helps you find a little bit of personal inner peace.