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All music at Soul Catcher Music is available for sync licensing. Tracks from SCM's New Age catalog have been re-purposed for licensing opportunities. Those tracks were originally designed for sale on traditional CDs, as well as available for download and streaming. They are still available for purchase to the public in those formats. Additional genre catagories have been created with the sole intent of providing material for sync licensing and placement in Film, TV, Video, Interactive Web, Gaming, etc. SCM works with several sync licensing partners on a non-exclusive basis. Tracks can also be licensed directly from SCM. Custom and exclusive music can be created upon request.

We have noticed a consistent use of traditional and popular classical music melodies. They seem to never go out of style. To respond to this use, SCM has created a Classical Music Category providing fully orchestrated recordings utilizing "Finale", a software product specialized for this purpose. The magic is simple. Any piece of classical music currently existing in our catalog can be easily altered by changing the key, tempo, and instrumentation to create a product that specifically meets the requirements of a given project. For instance, an orchestral version can be turned into a wind ensemble, marching band, solo instrument with backing support, electronic arrangement, and so on. This can be accomplished in short order to meet a given project timeline. The classical catalog will grow over time, but if their is an immediate need for a track not currently available, merely contact SCM and we'll provide a production time estimate to complete the track.

For licensing enquires, please EMAIL (