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Gregory Davis of Soul Catcher Music

Soul Catcher Music (SCM) is an independent record label. It was originally started in 2000 as a New Age label to support the creative efforts of Gregory Davis, an independent musician. As the music industry became more prominent on the web with online sales, downloads and streaming SCM adapted to the ever-changing business environment. Since 2010 the industry has shown a substantial increase in online sync licensing companies looking to capitalize on music placements in film, TV, video, and gaming. SCM works with several partners in the sync licensing arena and has obtained over 261 placements, including placements with MTV, CBS, and ABC. SCM turned the corner in 2014 by branching into multiple genres of music including rock, pop, world, classical, orchestral, underscore, cues, and production. Beginning in 2015 regular full CD production ceased in favor of downloads and streaming, However, CDs are still available through, an affiliate specializing in print-on-demand CD production. The current catalog contains 238+ tracks of music, however, with the change in focus to sync-licensed production music, that number will substantially increase over the next three years and cover just about every style imaginable. Song production will continue as well as the effort to find placement with well-known vocalists. Changing times require a shift in priorities and SCM will continue to find ways to exist as an independent label in a sea of creative talent.

Gregory Davis is owner and proprietor of Soul Catcher Music with formal training at Illinois Wesleyan University having received a Bachelor of Music degree. He has been writing, recording, and performing music for over thirty years and currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. His musical background includes Classical, Rock, Pop, Electronic, New Age, World, and Orchestral, to name a few. Gregory has worn many hats from music producer, engineer, programmer, music editor, band manager to writing, arranging, composing, and running live sound for special events. Gregory started his music career in Los Angeles in the mid 1980's working in radio, most notably, KMET that soon changed its format from Rock to New Age/Light Jazz under the new call letters of KTWV, The Wave. At the same time, he was playing in a band called "Other Voices" with Terry Gladstone, a radio personality in LA, and Jimmy Stafford, currently the guitar player for Train. Around the same time, he was working out of Los Angeles based "Ocean Way" and "The Enterprise" recording studios producing a Japanese artist named Hiroko Minato, who eventually achieved a number one song in the UK. Soul Catcher Music was started in 2000 in Boulder, Colorado as a way to further the music endeavors. In the early 2000s Gregory's music received airplay on a multitude of domestic and international radio stations and charted in New Age Voice Magazine's top 100 reaching as high as #27 on the charts. More recently, Soul Catcher Music has branched into eight different major categories of music and has received over 261 sync licensing placements in Film, TV, and Video in multiple countries around the globe. The music can be found for download and streaming on over 20+ locations.